Accel CS™

The Accel CS™ is a smart and efficient combined heat and hot water condensing boiler system

Heat and hot water are the largest energy consumers in cold climate homes. Accel CS™ is a single high efficiency appliance that delivers the best of both. The result is comfortable warmth for living spaces, plus abundant kitchen, bath, and laundry hot water including nearly endless hot showers.

What is the primary advantage of Accel CS?

Condensing technology is already established as a high efficiency heating method. Accel CS takes it further, first with better construction and then by incorporating condensing technology in a combined system, a common sense marriage of processes that is simply smarter than any other heating system. Among many benefits, Accel CS runs more intelligently and adapts more swiftly to changing demands. As a result, it delivers bigger fuel savings (greater efficiency) in every area of heat and hot water production.

Download the Accel CS™ Specification document (PDF) to learn more about this system.

Accel CS and 90+ Resolute are the Top Rated Gas and Oil boilers on the Energy Star Certified Boilers website!

Energy Kinetics Inc. is listed #1 out of 322 Boilers in the Energy Star Boilers Product finder. Although there are 3 other boilers listed with 96 AFUE, the other AFUE ratings were rounded up on the Energy Star site, so we share the rotation with these boilers at 96 AFUE.

More impressive news… Accel CS is the only 96 AFUE boiler listed on the Energy Star Most Efficient Boilers site!

Take a look and let your customers know how you are way ahead of the curve with only the best… the top rated AFUE boilers Accel CS, 90+ Resolute, and System 2000. And the best in breed products from Energy Kinetics all go way beyond AFUE with even better year ‘round performance from Hybrid Energy Recovery (thermal purge).

More great benefits:

  • Quietest Operation
  • More Hot Showers
  • Faster, Easier Installation
  • All Made in USA! Other than low efficiency cast iron condensing boilers, Accel CS™ is the only condensing boiler that’s Made in USA!

For Better Heating and Bigger Savings with Oilheat and Propane, look for the Energy Kinetics label! For more information, please feel free to call or stop by your local fuel office. We’ll be happy to help.