Frequently Asked Questions

Buying or selling a home? We do FREE inspections!

Absolutely! If you’re buying or selling a home and want an assessment of the heating system, just let us know. We’ll come by and inspect at no charge.

Can I sign up for the Price Protection Plans at any time?

Yes, you can join the Preferred & Budget Plans any time of the year. However, the price caps and pre-buy are limited time offers typically available until Labor Day.

Do you have 24 hour service?

Absolutely! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our professional team of drivers and licensed technicians are always available to take care of you.

Do you have a Maritime Credit Card? Can I Pay at the Pump?

We have a Maritime Energy 24/7 propriety credit card that can be used for the purchasing of gasoline, diesel, and inside store merchandise at our store locations. The card offers the convenience of fueling up at our 13 Maritime Farms’ locations, in store or pay at the pump service, security controls including pin numbers, calculation of vehicle miles/gallon, programmed discounts and assignment of cards to persons or vehicles. Maritime Farms’ stores offer Pay at the Pump services so you can conveniently fuel up day or night. This proprietary card can only be used at Maritime locations.

Do you have plans for L.P. Gas?

Yes, we have Preferred, Budget, or Pre-Buy Plans available. There are no price caps available on the price of propane.

Do you offer service plans on heating systems?

Yes, we offer Comprehensive Service Plans on boilers, furnaces, oil fired water heaters, and LP rinnais.

Do you offer tank insurance?

Yes, we offer Tank Insurance.

Does Maritime have Price Protection Fuel Plans?

Yes, we have the most Comprehensive Price Protection Plans in the area. We offer our Preferred CAP & Budget CAP Plans which gives you price protection if the market should rise (cap price—most you’ll ever pay) and downside protection. If the market falls your price goes down too. So, you have protection both on the upside and downside. Our Pre-Buy Plan allows you to lock in at a fixed price. So, not matter what happens with the market you’ll know what you’ll be paying. Please see all the benefits listed under Plans.

Does Maritime sell gift cards?

Yes, Maritime Energy has gift cards that you can purchase at any Maritime Farms convenience store or Maritime Energy fuel office. Gift cards are good for everything including furnace repair, oil, gas, or convenience store items.

How do I save money on my heating cost?

Read our Energy Saving Tips for some great ideas on how to save money on your fuel bill.

How do you know when I’m due for a delivery?

We use a degree day delivery system to calculate when you are due for a delivery which takes into effect temperature and your usage (k-factor=rate of burn). A degree day is a unit of measure for how cold it has been over a 24 hour period.

My neighbor gets a 5 cent gasoline discount? How do I?

By becoming a Maritime Energy Preferred or Pre-Buy Customer, you automatically, free of charge receive an added benefit of a 5 cent gasoline discount at any of our store locations. Budget Customers receive a 3 cent discount. Take advantage and start saving!

What if the price of oil goes down?

On the Preferred CAP and Budget CAP Plans you pay the lower price, either the delivered cash price (2 cent discount off of cash) or the cap price.