Maritime Energy is excited to announce our latest service offering: The System Water Cleaner service for boilers.

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Benefits of Boiler Water Treatment & Filtering

Removal of Impurities: The process removes impurities from the boiler feed water, which can prevent scaling, corrosion, and damage of the boiler and downstream equipment.

Corrosion Protection: By removing dissolved oxygen and other corrosive gases, the demineralized filter and flush cart help protect the boiler’s internal surfaces from corrosion, prolonging the life of the system.

Heat Exchange Efficiency: Continuous heat exchange is vital for the boiler’s operation, and the flushing process helps maintain the efficiency of this exchange.

Equipment Longevity: Regular servicing can prolong the service life of your boiler system.

Operational Reliability: The digital mini feeder allows for precise control of the chemicals used in the treatment process, ensuring consistent water quality and reliable boiler operation. We offer this as a one-time use or you may purchase for continual use to keep your system running smooth (recommended).

Cost Savings: Avoiding downtime and boiler failure through regular maintenance can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Recommendation: It is best to have your water treated before any boilers are installed, however the benefits are also effective for existing boiler systems. It is recommended to have your system treated every 3-5 years to maintain optimial health of your boiler. Removing the buildup and grime keeps your system running smooth!

Peace of Mind: This system treatment and filtering can help give you the peace of mind that your boiler system will handle heating your water all year round as well as the winter chill without any fuss!


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The Process and Recommendations for the System Water Treament & Filtering?

Please call or submit a quote request to have this service performed.

We will schedule one of our certified technicians to evaluate your system needs so that we may customize the solution to specficiation of your system and household.

Once our Service Technician has completed their assessment, they will notify our Service Department to make the arrangements for the actual flushing and filtering service using the HYDROFLUSH™ water treatment and filtering system.

Once the work order is scheduled our technicians will return to perform the flushing and filtering. It typically can take 2-3 hours, depending on how many Zones you have in your household. In some instances, additional hardware (valves, etc) may be needed — this will be discussed with you on the initial visit.

This process helps in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your boiler system by ensuring that the water circulating within is free from elements that could cause harm or reduce performance.